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Soaked oats dessert!!

May 01, 2017

Soaked oats dessert!!

Soaked oats or sprouted buckwheat, chia seeds, ground flax, coconut flour, and some date paste with water or nut milk until it forms a cookie dough consistency. 😋

So easy to change up the flavor too! Make it chocolaty with some raw cacao.
Gingerbready with cinnamon, spice, and sweetened with molasses instead.
Minty and green with spirulina. Maca powder. Acai. etc......

Then top with whatever you want! 💃🏼 Here thrown on some freshly ground coconut butter in the @vitamix, cacao nibs, @nutiva mulberries, shredded coconut, local bee pollen, and my Ethiopian tahini! Try it out!!! 👌🏼

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